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Super Mario Run is getting a major update next week

If you're still playing Super Mario Run on iOS or Android, or you've got an inkling that you'd quite like to get back into the groove of playing it, you'll want to know that Nintendo is planning a significant update for the

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⌚ 01:01:47  (indiatoday.intoday.in) 

Google Assistant arrives on older phones running Android Lollipop and tablets

⌚ 11:42:05  (newtimes.co.rw) 

President Kagame inaugurates Campaign against Genocide museum

⌚ 00:49:20  (gadgets.ndtv.com) 

iOS 11.2.1, tvOS 11.2.1 Updates Now Available to Download, Fix HomeKit Remote Access Bug

⌚ 07:44:57  (theverge.com) 

Microsoft is making subreddits more searchable with Bing

⌚ 02:18:29  (nbcnews.com) 

What did we search Google for the most this year?

⌚ 02:21:17  (sudantribune.com) 

Dinka elder says S. Sudan's ruling party factions caused war

⌚ 02:58:14  (thecitizen.co.tz) 

Udsm students land Barclays scholarships

⌚ 02:20:22  (washingtonpost.com) 

Sex allegations, disasters and Unicorn Frappuccinos: 2017 as seen by Google, for better or worse

⌚ 04:01:34  (opinion.premiumtimesng.com) 

Why Nigerian Victims of Slavery Cannot Sue Libya, By Femi Falana

⌚ 19:20:10  (tass.com) 

Kremlin does not share Erdogan's stance on Israel

⌚ 04:00:18  (uk.reuters.com) 

South Korea's Moon tries K-Pop and TV stars in China charm offensive

⌚ 03:25:50  (yourstory.com) 

With launch of Azure Stack, Microsoft keen to help Indian customers scale at their own pace

⌚ 06:35:08  (theguardian.com) 

Manchester City's 15-win record illustrates team's desire, says Guardiola

⌚ 12:17:41  (theguardian.com) 

Surgeon admits marking his initials on the livers of two patients

⌚ 08:15:21  (theguardian.com) 

David Silva leads latest Manchester City masterclass in win at Swansea

⌚ 10:04:37  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Look up tonight! Stunning Geminids meteor shower to peak with up to 120 shooting stars every hour

⌚ 06:44:51  (nbcnews.com) 

Size matters: Your wine glass is getting bigger

⌚ 05:58:13  (uk.businessinsider.com) 

South Korean firms flock to Beijing hoping summit will hasten thaw with China

⌚ 22:08:40  (money.cnn.com) 

Google's top searches for 2017: Matt Lauer, Hurricane Irma and more

⌚ 04:31:57  (telesurtv.net) 

Could Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Comet Be Alien Spaceship?

⌚ 07:05:21  (npr.org) 

We Regret To Inform You That A British Surgeon Was Branding His Initials On Livers

⌚ 12:06:38  (nydailynews.com) 

When to watch the year's best meteor shower

⌚ 05:34:14  (news.com.au) 

North Korea nuclear bombs: Is this Kim Jong-il inspecting an A-bomb?

⌚ 06:45:01  (telegraph.co.uk) 

Wine glasses now seven times larger than in Georgian times

⌚ 05:14:19  (metro.co.uk) 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One review – down the PUBG

⌚ 06:20:26  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Boozy Britain: How wine glasses have doubled in size since the 1990s leading to concerns measures are driving ...

⌚ 06:45:06  (telegraph.co.uk) 

Google Assistant directs users to St Ives in Cornwall if they ask about sexually transmitted infections

⌚ 13:55:26  (telesurtv.net) 

Saudi Arabia: The Coming Crisis in the Kingdom

⌚ 08:52:56  (bbc.co.uk) 

Brexit bill: Government loses key vote after Tory rebellion

⌚ 07:37:26  (ibtimes.co.uk) 

Outrage in Tanzania after child rapists pardoned amid calls to arrest pregnant schoolgirls

⌚ 07:21:48  (ghanaweb.com) 

Woyome files another application to reverse orders

⌚ 08:32:26  (dailystar.co.uk) 

Strange 'cigar-shaped' asteroid could be 'hostile' ALIEN RACE that 'risks our existence'

⌚ 08:21:33  (cnet.com) 

Google's top searches of 2017 were Hurricane Irma, Matt Lauer

⌚ 12:57:00  (theguardian.com) 

Brexit: UK makes last-ditch appeal to EU for trade talks before March

⌚ 07:54:58  (forbes.com) 

Robert Lighthizer's Global Trade Governance Critique

⌚ 10:20:32  (irishtimes.com) 

Scotched plans: Diageo warns of double Brexit trouble

⌚ 08:11:55  (reuters.com) 

WTO meeting ends in stalemate after US rebukes, member vetoes

⌚ 11:27:46  (the-star.co.ke) 

Parties tribunal temporarily bars Parliament from holding EALA vote

⌚ 08:53:32  (the-star.co.ke) 

IMF urges Tanzania to reform to stem slowdown

⌚ 13:06:19  (aljazeera.com) 

Saudi King Salman decries Trump's Jerusalem decision

⌚ 13:58:26  (voanews.com) 

Tanzania Orders Tighter Controls on Currency, Bank Crackdown as Growth Slows

⌚ 08:53:32  (the-star.co.ke) 

Suit against NASA list leaves vote on EALA nine in limbo

⌚ 09:49:34  (eonline.com) 

George and Amal Clooney Pass Out Headphones on Flight With Twins

⌚ 09:35:26  (gizmodo.com) 

If You've Got an Older Android Phone, Google Just Threw You a Bone

⌚ 16:08:36  (af.reuters.com) 

Pardon for child rapists in Tanzania sparks fears over girls' rights

⌚ 10:25:26  (nytimes.com) 

White House Corrects Tillerson on Whether US Will Talk to North Korea

⌚ 09:10:37  (standardmedia.co.ke) 

Jubilee, NASA to finally agree on EALA candidates

⌚ 09:19:53  (dailymail.co.uk) 

What the world wanted to know in 2017: Meghan Markle, Hurricane Irma and iPhone X top Google's trending search ...

⌚ 11:34:04  (mwakilishi.com) 

Kenya Scoops World's Leading Safari Destination Award

⌚ 11:11:42  (aljazeera.com) 

Ireland and Brexit: Five things you need to know

⌚ 10:01:40  (washingtonpost.com) 

A baby was born with her heart outside her body — and survived

⌚ 11:47:32  (techcrunch.com) 

Google Assistant is coming to older Android phones and tablets

⌚ 10:19:26  (theguardian.com) 

Star Wars director: 'hell yes' to a woman or person of colour directing franchise

⌚ 09:55:26  (theguardian.com) 

White House contradicts Tillerson and says not right time for North Korea talks

⌚ 11:26:41  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Alexa the Christmas Grinch: Why you CAN'T rely on Amazon's smart assistant for your holiday shopping

⌚ 10:01:40  (washingtonpost.com) 

How a baby born with her heart outside her body survived

⌚ 10:22:56  (dw.com) 

Brexit: UK Parliament backs final say in EU divorce in major blow to Theresa May

⌚ 10:59:51  (dailymail.co.uk) 

Apple backs iPhone X FaceID chipmaker with $390m investment to open a Texas plant

⌚ 10:39:26  (cbc.ca) 

Meghan Markle, Hurricane Irma and BC's wildfires: Google Canada reveals 2017's top searches

⌚ 03:17:43  (voanews.com) 

Tillerson Offers to Meet With North Korea Without Preconditions

⌚ 10:46:26  (usatoday.com) 

The 40 best movie characters in 40 years of 'Star Wars,' ranked

⌚ 10:52:56  (bustle.com) 

George Clooney Gave His Friends $1 Million Each & The Story Behind It Is Bananas

⌚ 17:44:49  (independent.co.uk) 

Meteor shower latest: When you can see the Geminids as it flies through the night sky

⌚ 10:40:12  (usnews.com) 

Despite Tillerson Overture, White House Says Not Right Time for North Korea Talks

⌚ 18:01:46  (hivisasa.com) 

MPs ready to vote for EALA members

⌚ 10:42:02  (reuters.com) 

WTO to end meeting with no deals after US rebukes

⌚ 14:53:55  (washingtonpost.com) 

As Elon Musk's SpaceX eyes another historic first, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin returns to flight

⌚ 15:00:49  (cnn.com) 

Baby survives after being born with heart outside her body

⌚ 13:26:55  (foxnews.com) 

George Clooney once gifted 14 friends $1M each, Rande Gerber says

⌚ 11:32:26  (usatoday.com) 

How 'PUBG' became this year's biggest video game

⌚ 11:24:26  (independent.co.uk) 

George and Amal Clooney handed out noise-cancelling headphones to passengers before taking off

⌚ 15:32:09  (nationalinterest.org) 

Why South Korea Might Want Nuclear Weapons

⌚ 15:07:39  (allafrica.com) 

Tanzania: CCM Cadre Held Over Sh2m Bribery Allegation

⌚ 12:35:09  (businessinsider.com) 

The best game of 2017 is now available on Xbox, and it's crazier than ever

⌚ 15:40:22  (punchng.com) 

Lawmaker showers husband with N52m Christmas gift

⌚ 11:45:22  (bbc.co.uk) 

Star Wars: 'It's time for a female or non-white director'

⌚ 11:53:02  (washingtonpost.com) 

Heading out to watch the Geminid meteor shower? Check this cloud forecast first.

⌚ 11:52:11  (ft.com) 

WTO wrestles with relevance in age of ecommerce

⌚ 17:11:35  (prnewswire.com) 

Upgraded Cape Town Pass Helps Save Time and Money as Visitors Flock to South Africa's 'Mother City'

⌚ 13:14:25  (forbes.com) 

'The Last Jedi' May Be Too Good Of A 'Star Wars' Movie

⌚ 11:59:29  (usnews.com) 

White House Says Not Right Time for North Korea Talks, Despite Tillerson Overture

⌚ 13:33:00  (washingtonpost.com) 

Alexa, can I do my holiday shopping through you?

⌚ 12:57:30  (businessinsider.com) 

Jeff Bezos just launched a dummy called 'Mannequin Skywalker' into space and safely returned it to Earth

⌚ 03:14:26  (abcnews.go.com) 

Tillerson tries to quell anxieties at State Dept. amid questions about his future

⌚ 13:38:32  (telegraph.co.uk) 

57 Muslim nations say Trump is now disqualified from Israeli-Palestinian peace process

⌚ 14:39:26  (bgr.com) 

2018 phones will finally get in-display fingerprint scanners – should they follow the iPhone X instead?

⌚ 13:34:11  (usnews.com) 

Starry Wishes Granted: Teens Meet Star Wars Cast at Premiere

⌚ 13:07:24  (ft.com) 

Apple doubles down on augmented reality with $390m investment

⌚ 13:08:26  (ft.com) 

Apple backs specialised laser company with $390m investment

⌚ 13:19:06  (informationng.com) 

Lawmaker buys gift worth N52m for her husband

⌚ 14:14:52  (businessinsider.com) 

From Meghan Markle to Harvey Weinstein: Here are Google's top-searched people of 2017

⌚ 13:03:26  (thehindu.com) 

WTO: India resolute on food security

⌚ 14:23:57  (bbc.co.uk) 

Five philosophical questions to ask about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

⌚ 21:58:09  (citizentv.co.ke) 

Jubilee meeting hampers House sittings as MPs debate EALA nominees

⌚ 13:44:26  (gizmodo.com) 

The Most Googled 'How-Tos' of 2017 Prove Our Insatiable Lust for Slime and Bitcoin

⌚ 17:17:08  (in.reuters.com) 

WTO struggles to hone global trade vision after US turnabout

⌚ 14:16:29  (businessinsider.com) 

Watch Blue Origin's latest rocket launch to space and back

⌚ 13:55:26  (vox.com) 

Geminids 2017: how to watch one of the best meteor showers of the year

⌚ 14:43:26  (forbes.com) 

Analysts Say 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Is Shaping Up To Be A Nintendo Mobile Miss

⌚ 14:13:52  (usnews.com) 

'Mannequin Skywalker' Rides Blue Origin's New Crew Capsule

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